Pattern Fantastique Falda Jacket

Hi! I’m here to show you my Falda Jacket by Pattern Fantastique.


I was a tester for this pattern back in November/December and what a fun make this was! As other people have commented, the pattern pieces don’t look much like shapes you’d usually associate with a jacket, and putting this together was so much fun.

Being the end of the year I had a lot going on so went for the easier, unlined Style A. I used a mid-weight black denim which I chose for its rigidity – I really wanted a fabric that would hold the shape of those fantastic sleeves. Now that I’ve made this view up I am very keen to try this in a thick winter wool with welt pockets and a full lining. There’s plenty of room in those sleeves for a thick jersey, perfect for the coldest days!


Unfortunately due to my black fabric it’s quite hard to make out the details, but there’s a lot of fun topstitching on this jacket, including on the front patch pockets, the sleeve facings, and also on the back. Most of the seam allowances on this pattern are a hefty three cm which I think is a really nice detail.


I highly recommend this wonderful pattern if you’re looking for an interesting and original jacket design this winter!

Meanwhile I have plenty of un-blogged projects to share, including a Jac shirt and an Archer dress that I’m particularly partial to. Me-Made-May is here already so maybe that’ll be my push to get those photographed.

Have a good week 🙂



  1. I love this jacket so much! I have the pattern waiting in the wings and just waiting for the right time to strike, but a denim version is definitely on the cards. So glad to see your version and it really looks great on you!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I am diabolically slow with blog photos but hopefully the Jac shirt will make it here eventually! It’s a fun design.

  2. Bella, this is my first time writing but I’ve been a fan of your blog for such a long while. I absolutely adore your Falda jacket – it’s so unique! If it weren’t for this gigantic puddle of water between us, I would love to steal most of your handmade items! And because jackets are my favorite, I probably need to buy this pattern after all.

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