Month: March 2016

Tessuti Annie Dress

Summer is coming to a close here, with cooler temperatures creeping into the mornings and evenings. It’s such a lovely time of year, the humidity has mostly gone (fingers crossed!) but the days are still sunny and warm. Today we ventured out to the Domain to hear some music and stopped by the Wintergardens to check out the amazing plants.



I’ve been working on a Tessuti Annie Dress and finished it this morning, so wore it on our outing. I love this pattern!! This one is my second version, and is the product of a daydream where I imagined layering an Annie dress over a Lark tee for Autumn. I did actually make a Lark for this exact purpose but it didn’t sit quite right (I think I need to work more on the fit) so I ended up just wearing a tshirt I already had. I’m still happy with my layering hypothesis! Although this dress looks great on its own, it’s nice to have options.



My obsession with linen is still going strong. I recently replenished my supplies with this gorgeous check linen, which I love so much. The linen that I used for my first Annie was a bit scratchy and this is nice and soft. Not all linens are created equal, I guess.

This time around I made a couple of changes, based on my first version. I had a realisation recently, and that is that I’m just not a maxi dress person. I’m ok with a long dress for formal occasions but for everyday I’m more of a midi wearer. So before cutting my fabric I lopped several inches off the pattern and allowed for a big wide folded hem. The other change that I made was to overlock the pocket piece edges instead of stitching and turning, as I can feel the fabric fraying when I put my hands in the pockets of my other dress.



For the first time I made a wee label and sewed it into the back yoke facing, It’s just a square of ikat cotton cut on the bias and embroidered with a flower-like motif. I really like it in this dress and might put similar things in future makes if I feel like it. I used a black linen to face the bodice as I’m conserving every last scrap of the check linen, and I think I might have enough left over to make something else. Taking suggestions if anybody has any ideas?

Here’s a photo of a carnivorous plant. Have a lovely week 🙂