Alice and Alexandria

Whoo it’s hot here!! We’ve just spent five weeks in the (non-humid) South Island and I got used to the drier heat. Now we are back in Auckland and it’s sweat central! Luckily I got some summer sewing under my belt before Christmas, the last-minute, pre-holiday kind that has totally paid off. 


Linen is my absolute favourite in the summer, and I made these Named Alexandria pants out of a cool double faced linen/cotton. It has the appearance of a loose weave linen but without the transparency, thanks to the bonded cotton under layer. (I got it at Drapers Fabrics on Teed St in Newmarket, for anyone interested in Akl fabric shops.) I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it on the blog but I’ve made this pattern FIVE times! Talk about a TNT! Two pairs in black dress fabrics for work, and three in linen. This pair is my favourite though, and get the most wear. A few things that I love about this pattern:

  • Elastic waist
  • Useful pockets that are neatly integrated with the front pleats
  • Back patch pockets
  • Tapered leg
  • Comfy!

So much to love. Over my various pairs I have: raised the crotch, so that I can wear these low on my hips; lengthened the leg a little; put a smidge more width in the calf to account for non-stretch fabrics. Beware that if your calves are on the muscular side you might need to take this into consideration as they are quite pegged. 


Ok moving on to the more colourful part. This is of course the Tessuti Alice top, another winner of a pattern. This is my second go – the first time I made it in size XS, which came out too big for me. For this version I made an XXS and it’s a better fit. For reference, my bust measures 84cm/33″. I used the Liberty print Felix and Isabelle, and I chose to interface the arm wings as per the pattern.  


It’s lovely to have the use of my sewing machine after such a long time away, but unusually for me I’m feeling a bit low in the inspiration department. I have plenty of lovely fabrics but am feeling so indecisive! Let’s hope that a bolt of sewjo hits me soon.

Anyone else suffering from a sewing malaise? Got any tips to escape the sewing doldrums?



  1. That is one heck on an ensamble. And you don’t look sweaty at all! 🙂 The fabric for that Alice top is luurvly, and I’ve got a crush on your sandals…. Re sewing mojo – I know what you mean. Starting up after christmas has been slow for me too. I’d say give yourself time. I’ve taken time to work on one project, but not rushing myself, or forcing myself to work when really all I wanted to do was lie on the sofa. It’s pass I’m sure

    1. Oh believe me, there was some sweating happening! I’m trying to embrace it though! Good advice, I’ll try not to rush myself… I have a tendency to want to be productive at all times but maybe I can put my focus elsewhere for a bit 🙂

  2. This outfit is lovely. The linen trousers are great and the Liberty print top is gorgeous. I love elastic waist trousers for the ease and comfort, having made the Owyn trousers from Lotta’s new book.

    1. Yes aren’t elastic waist trousers great?! It took me a while to feel confident enough to go out and about in them but now I’m converted! At least for the hotter months anyway.

  3. Welcome back! I’m endlessly complaining about the cold so I can’t complain about the heat too. Love the ensemble! I’ve made the Alice top, and some similar navy linen pants aaaand I have saltwater sandals so all I need is a satchel and we could twin if we wanted to 🙂 I wish I could lose my sewjo for a while so I could get some important things done but I’m totally addicted right now!

    1. SO not true, I bet they’d look great on you! I’ll admit, wearing pants like these out and about took some getting used to but the comfort factor has won me over.

  4. I admire this Liberty print every time I go into Fabric Vision and I actually had this pattern in mind for this fabric. As I suspected the two are made for each other. Your top is lovely and goes very well with the pants.

    1. I used to go to Fabric Vision on Cashel St, I’m glad that it’s still going! Also glad to hear that they have Liberty prints, I got this yardage online from Shaukat but it’s nicer to see it in person first. Maybe you’ll have to make a Felix and Isabelle Alice top now too?

  5. What not to love about your ensemble + your fancy sunglasses! And a cardigan would compliment it for colder seasons. It looks super comfortable!

    Linen is my friend too and I bought almost 10 metres from Tessuti last year. The only problem is… yes, indecisiveness! My wardrobe would benefit from a few basic tops, but I can’t choose which pattern. Maybe we can chat/email in private and inspire each other?

  6. love the outfit … these two look perfect together! I so much envy you for the fabric of those perfectly fitting pants .. linen bonded with cotton – sounds amazing. I suppose you get the cool and fresh without the sagging and deforming.

    1. Yes it’s a really nice fabric and it does resist sagging, but I’ve worn these so much they’re starting to show signs of fatigue. I guess that just shows they were a successful make!

  7. What a dream outfit. Such good colors! You manage to look both glamorous and relaxed. I JUST made a pair of linen pants using Vogue 8909; they’re a little sportier as designed (which I like, too) but I’d also like to slim the leg and make another version like yours.

  8. Your linen Alexandrias look amazing, so cool and comfy! I love that Liberty print too. I feel your pain about the sweating, even Wellington has been really humid lately. I shudder to think what it must be like up North!

    1. I was in Wellington for one night on the weekend and was surprised by the humidity too. Wish I’d had more time to go fabric shopping but I was just in town for a wedding in the Wairarapa. It was about 10 deg hotter than Wellington over there!

  9. The perfect summer pairing for hot weather! I haven’t seen a single Alice top I don’t like. The pattern is just gorgeous… and I love it on you. And Linen pants? So easy breezy. Looking good!

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