Month: December 2015

Summer Stripes

Despite my admittedly irregular blogging schedule, 2015 has been a bumper year for sewing. With the exception of one or two things, I think I’ve finally achieved a fully handmade wardrobe and I’m so happy about it! Nothing beats the satisfaction that comes from being able to execute ideas with a wearable and maybe even stylish result. Hooray sewing. 



I wanted to squeeze in one last post for 2015, and it seemed appropriate to share this striped number in my new favourite summer silhouette. This dress is an Inari hack using a linen/cotton blend that was all over the sewing blogs a little while back. I ordered it from a few months ago and it marinated in my stash before I settled on this shape.  


The fabric is perfect for this breezy dress,  and the soft drape means that the very much undefined waist doesn’t get overly unflattering. I really love the way that it swishes around, and the low-cut armholes on the Inari pattern keep it breezy around the arms, too. 


In terms of pattern modifications, I simply cut the Inari tee off at about 35cm below the CB neck and attached a gathered skirt. Easy peasy! Because I only had two yards of this fabric there was some creative cutting involved, including placing a seam down the centre of the back bodice. I also originally wanted the stripes on the skirt to be horizontal like the bodice, but to get the gathering I wanted I had to place them vertically, which I actually really like now. In a perfect world where I had more fabric the skirt would be a bit longer, but that’s ok.

As always, the online sewing world has been incredibly inspirational and I’ve loved being a part of it. I’ve made some great new friends both online and off and I’m so grateful to this amazing community. Happy holidays to you all and see you in 2016!