Tutti frutti

Of all the things I love to sew, my favourite is a woven top. Having been sewing for quite a while now I have no shortage! Archers, Scouts and Belcarras abound, especially in prints. They form one half of my self-imposed work uniform (the other half is jeans), so why not add another one to the mix?

RDC Marthe

I decided to make a Republique du Chiffon Marthe blouse after seeing Kirsty’s version (if you haven’t seen her hoodie interpretation, click here, it’s a thing of genius!). Originally I tried to modify the Scout tee with a hem ruffle but it didn’t work out, and being a sewist of limited patience I just caved and bought the Marthe pattern. I really like the combination of the raglan sleeves with the hem ruffle, plus the volume created by the A-line shape makes it really fun to wear.

RDC Marthe

RDC Marthe

I decided to use some Liberty that I ordered from Shaukat a while ago. This print is called Jack and Charlie and is covered with pears! The muted blues are really lovely. I’ve really enjoyed wearing this top. But when a gust of wind comes along, behold, triangular torso woman:

RDC Marthe

RDC Marthe

What’s your take on ruffles? Are you a fan? Any other excellent top patterns that I’m missing out on? I’m probably at wearable capacity but something tells me there will be more in my future!



  1. So much fun! I’m not a ruffle lady myself much but admire them on others, for certain. I think ruffles suit those that are petite, rather than gargantuans like myself…. It’s a cute print. I saw a lady in a restaurant wearing it as a knit top and was so tempted to ask if she’d made it herself….

    1. A gargantuan you are not! I bet this would look super cute on you! Also I think that my ruffles technically don’t count since I pressed them pretty well flat. Ooh a knit one would be excellent.

  2. Ooh, I love this! I’ve been looking for a pattern to recreate a RTW top I saw a photo of a while ago and I think this might fit the bill, so thank you for sharing this.

  3. I love ruffles, but only under certain conditions! This top is great, the proportions are perfect and I like that its interesting without being fussy. And your fabric is gorgeous! I would definitely make one, if I lived somewhere less windy than Wellington…

    1. This is my first real foray into ruffle territory but I’m feeling pretty keen on them. Katy from Katy and Laney always has the most amazing ruffled makes.

  4. I’m definitely a fan of ruffles and have wondering what top pattern to hack into a ruffle bottom. I’m thinking I’m going to cave and buy the Marthe though. It looks great!

    1. You should, it’s a good pattern! The instructions are in French but it’s not an issue, especially if you’re used to following the diagrams in the back of Japanese pattern books.

  5. I love this pattern and your blouse is divine. I ended up drafting my own version of Marthe when I was feeling too cheap to buy it! It turned out really well, so I’m happy, but I still feel like I need to original Marthe in my life 🙂 I also find that if a gust gets you from the right direction that little flip up can show more than intended. Ask me how I know!

  6. Well, this top can do no wrong in my book. It’s a marthe and it’s in liberty. Perfection. Agree about the wind, but I find it adds a bit of a giggle to the day 🙂
    Oh and thank you for the lovely comments!

  7. I am in the middle of making my first Marthe at the moment. I wasn’t really taken with it when it first came out but have seen so many great versions of it.

  8. This top looks lovely on you! Love the fabric and the woosh of wind! I bet it feels fabulous to wear. Being a bit older and with more weight I tend to steer clear of ruffles! Popping in as part of my blog comment challenge 300 in 30 days

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