Vogue 1298 // Rachel Comey

I’m back with another pattern that didn’t initially catch my eye, but that I’m now smitten with! This is my version of Vogue 1298, a design by Rachel Comey.

Vogue 1298

I am a huge fan of Rachel Comey’s designs in general, so I’m surprised it took me so long to buy this pattern. Inspiration struck via Pinterest (as it so often does), where I stumbled upon some images of the original designer dress made up in a paint spattered white denim. Here are some pics of said dress, arranged into a collage using my extremely rudimentary photo editing skills:


If you search for ‘Rachel Comey Tippet dress’ on Pinterest you’ll be able to find these images. The dress pictured on the top left is another original Rachel Comey version. Sometimes pattern envelopes don’t show all of a garment’s true potential (this dress is shown on the pattern envelope in a purple snakeskin-ish print, neither of which are my thing) so it’s good to know the style name of a designer dress in order to seek out alternative versions. For example if you search for ‘Rachel Comey Navigator top’ you’ll see some really great versions of the original designer top that is featured in the Rachel Comey V1247 pattern. Maybe this isn’t news to you but it opened up a whole new world of inspiration for me!

Vogue 1298

Garment deets: the pattern envelope suggests lightweight linen, silk dupioni and sateen, but having been inspired by the denim version I went with a medium weight silk cotton from my stash. It has a denim-y, twill weave to it but has a smooth feel on the wrong side, which makes it good for wearing over tights. The medium weight meant that I didn’t need to line the skirt. I lined the bodice with a scrap of left over Liberty:


Construction was fun, and the instructions were clear, however I had a few issues with the back waistband (the two pieces adjoining the top of the zip in the photo above). The pattern piece was odd looking but I went along with it, only to find that it was too long and deep for the CB seam. I had to cut off about an inch on either side to make it meet correctly in the middle and line up with the bottom of the bodice. I spent quite a while trying to figure out my mistake and I’m still not sure what went wrong, but it all worked out in the end.

Vogue 1298

The back is definitely where all the action is with this dress! I originally wasn’t sold on the open back since I’m not usually an open back kind of person, but I think it looks pretty cool over this striped top. You’d run into bra issues if you wore it on its own, plus it makes a great winter dress layered over a top and tights.

Vogue 1298

It’s hard to tell in these photos, but another very cool detail is the curved hem, which is finished with a deep facing. If I make this again I’ll ensure that the skirt is a couple of inches shorter all the way around. As it stands I think it’s giving off a bit of an apron vibe. I think for a summer version a shorter length would be a must. Excuse the wrinkles below, I had been test driving this dress all day!

Vogue 1298

All in in all I enjoyed sewing this dress and I really really like it. The fabric was nice to work with and the pattern has all sorts of great details, so I’d definitely recommend it. Unfortunately the Vogue website lists this pattern as being out of print, but perhaps there are some leftover copies to be found online. I really hope that Vogue releases some more designs by Rachel Comey!



  1. So cool! Often the pictures from the pattern envelope or sewing magazines are not doing patterns justice. Even technical drawings does not alway show the real potential of a pattern. I like the fabric you used for this dress: it makes it super versatile, especially if you want to wear colourful tights 🙂 There is no excuse for you not to make another version(s) of it!

  2. Oh this dress is amazing! I have never given it a second thought because of the open back but I love your dress with a simple tee underneath. Pure genius!! I really need to copy you before winter ends. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Yes I always disregarded it because of the back, but now it’s one of my favourite parts. It’d be great in summer over a lighter tshirt too I think!

    1. I used to be the same but I like the way you can find more complex patterns with the Big 4. A lot of the Vogue designer patterns have amazing style lines. Still sewing tons of indie patterns too though!

  3. This is great, I’ve long had this one on my todo list. The pattern has been out quite a while but the paint spattered version was in production just last year. I collected as many images of the originals of the RC designs as I could find. The key is discovering the name of the design and then googling is quite effective. I think I finally found a name for most everything. The popular skirt in 1247 is “oyster bar”.

    1. Ooh thank you, I didn’t know the name of the skirt! Good to meet a fellow Rachel Comey fan… My Pinterest board for her stuff is bursting.

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