Last weekend, my Mum came up for a visit, and we explored the Wintergardens in the Auckland Domain. Perfect opportunity to photograph some new makes!

Vogue 1247 and Papercut turtleneck

I’m wearing my third and most successful version of the skirt from the ever popular Rachel Comey pattern, Vogue 1247, along with a merino Papercut Rise Turtleneck. I’ll talk about the skirt first, since it’s my favourite of the two.

The fabric I used for the skirt is a luscious stretch cotton sateen. I love this stuff! I purchased it at Britex a couple of years ago when we were on holiday in San Francisco. I originally intended to make pants with it, but just recently I had the idea of using it for V1247. I feel like I’ll get much more wear out of this fun print in skirt form. Also, hooray for holiday fabric!

Vogue 1247 skirt

The best bit about this pattern is definitely the kangaroo pockets! I’ll admit that in every day wear I don’t have much impetus to put my hands in them, but for whatever reason, this little photo shoot is full of hands-in-pockets shots.

Vogue 1247 and Papercut turtleneck

The pattern doesn’t call for stretch fabrics, but I find that a little bit of stretch can make a garment so much more forgiving, i.e. after a big lunch! I’ve never been a big fan of restrictive wasitbands, so I used a  lightweight interfacing with a bit of stretch so that I could retain the give in the waistband.

Vogue 1247 and Papercut turtleneck

I didn’t fuss too much over pattern matching but I did try to have things going in the same direction where possible. The print was a bit off grain, very irritating, but I don’t think that it’s too noticeable on the finished garment.

Vogue 1247 and Papercut turtleneck

On to the top! This is the Rise turtleneck from Papercut. I’ve now made two of these, one of each style (the Fall turtleneck has dropped shoulder seams). I think I made a size small in these photos, but I probably should have gone down one or two sizes since it’s pretty large, and the shoulder seams aren’t quite where they should be. I think that any issues I have with this version are through maker’s error, so I’m quite keen to give it another go in a smaller size and perhaps in a heavier weight merino. I think that the combination of this slightly drapery merino + too large size result in not quite the look I was after, but for the purposes of keeping warm, it’s great! It’s definitely a cozy garment and I really love the big turtleneck. I should mention that this isn’t fully the Rise version since I took the baggy turtleneck piece from the Fall version and just stuck it on the Rise neckline. The Rise is supposed to have a lower neck piece but I went for maximum neck coziness.

Vogue 1247 and Papercut turtleneck

Prior to this I wasn’t much of a turtleneck wearer, but I can definitely attest to the comfort factor!

Are you a turtleneck fan? Do you think you’ll try the new Papercut pattern?



  1. I love that skirt pattern, yours looks lovely! Your fabric is really cool. I’m not a turtleneck person, but I think they always look stylish on other people. I tried one on, and just spent the whole time pulling at the neckline!

    1. Thanks Kirsten! Isn’t V1247 just such a winner? Especially with the stretch… Can’t get over how much more comfortable it is (duh!)

  2. Lovely combination! The print skirt looks gorgeous and I think I prefer the pattern as a skirt over pants, too! I used to wear turtlenecks a lot, years ago but haven’t given them any thought in the last few years, but yours might actually tempt me! Very pretty! (Not right now, though, It will be 36° C here today and the day has started with 26°C so merino turtlenecks sound like the worst idea ever! :D)

    1. Thanks, I’m definitely a kangaroo pocket fan! It’s probably not the technical term but I like it. The Papercut Saiph dress has similar pockets too. Oh and also Merchant and Mills Top 64! Guess I’m becoming a bit of a kangaroo pocket expert.

  3. It’s a lovely outfit. I must try that skirt (it’s in my stash). I’m more a cowl neck girl than a tighter turtleneck (remind me a bit too much of skivvies) but I like your scrunched up version!

    1. Thanks Morgan. I agree, turtlenecks are hard to pull off! I still don’t know how I feel about the two that I’ve made, they haven’t had a ton of wear outside the house. So cozy though.

  4. That skirt is gorgeous. When I make this skirt though I leave the waistband off and have drafted a facing for it. I think it’s kind of out of balance with the band. (for me eye at least – and I’m the only one I’ve seen who hasn’t added the waistband) I love the Wintergardens in Auckland.

  5. This looks gorgeous. I am trying to purchase this pattern in Australia is it still available to buy do you know
    Thanks sophie

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