Two Scouts in Liberty

Look at me, back so soon! Here are two more of the tees I’ve made recently as part of my enthusiastic Scout making spree.


 If you follow me on Instagram, you might recognise this fabric from a picture I posted the other day. The print is called Dancing Ladies, and it feels like every time I look at it I see something new. 


I first used this fabric to make a dress (pre-blog), but it never got much wear, so the other day I cut it up to repurpose it into this tshirt. I’m so glad that I did because I’ve worn it so much already! I think it’s such a pity to leave gorgeous fabrics languishing in the wardrobe.

I told a work colleague the story of this dress-to-tshirt transformation and she commented that sometimes you just don’t want to wear a print all over. So true! Until recently I figured that you might as well MAXIMISE a gorgeous print by making a dress. Suddenly I understood why all those pretty print dresses in my wardrobe don’t get much wear.

Of course, sometimes cute print dresses are just the ticket, but I feel like this was an a-ha moment that I probably should have had a while ago…. Moving on!

I don’t remember the name of this beautiful print, but it’s a seasonal Liberty that my Mum requested I make a top for her from last year. I JUST managed to eke this out from the leftovers – I had to cut the sleeves on the cross grain to make all my pieces fit. (Mum, I hope you don’t mind that I used up your remnants!)


I guess that one of the reasons I like the Scout pattern so much is that it’s the perfect simple canvas for beautiful prints. That, and it fits me right out of the envelope, which is always a bonus. And it’s so quick to sew. What’s not to like?

I promise I’ll be back soon with a non-Scout make! What have you been sewing lately?



  1. Oh, I love those fabrics! Since it’s Spring here I am particularly drawn to the second one. Very pretty! Now you’ve tempted me to go and get some new Liberty prints!

    So, how many Scouts will it be? 😉 It’s a very addictive pattern!

    1. The second one is very springy indeed! It’s autumn here so the first one feels more appropriate right now. I don’t think there can be a Scout limit… I already have at least two more planned. Sorry I tempted you to get more Liberty, although it’s usually a good thing, right?

  2. I love that dancing ladies print, its so cool. It looks great as a simple Scout! The floral liberty is really pretty too. I love it when I can squeeze a whole other garment out of leftover fabric!

    1. I know, isn’t it satisfying to get something wearable out of scraps? What I forgot to mention is that the ladies are dancing upside down on one sleeve, and that I had to have seams on both sleeves as well as the CB! Ahoy, design feature!

  3. Super pretty fabrics! The prints go really well with the simple silhouette of the scout! And agree with the all over print thing!
    No I can’t wait to finally sew a ‘classic’ scout, I always get sidetracked with modifications, it’s just such a good clean starting point. What size did you sew, btw?

      1. Ah, great! That’s exactly what I did but I wasn’t sure about the sizing as I had previously sewn a size 2. So it seems we could actually share a wardrobe! (meaning I could totally raid your beautiful handmade wardrobe AND have it fit me!)

    1. Naw, it’s just that both fabrics were too lovely to leave unworn! Feels good to rejuvenate unworn threads, although I agree that motivation to do so can be lacking.

  4. I love how you’ve used a simple pattern to showcase beautiful fabrics. I especially love the dancing ladies! I think you’re right about dresses vs tops for patterned fabric, dresses seem like a good idea but I think tops are more versatile and get worn more in the end (in my wardrobe anyway!)

  5. Ooh I was planning to reuse some Liberty from a shrunken dress, you’ve got me fired up now! I’m finishing up a shirt for my love…. your Scouts are great, the first fabric reminds me of the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries….

  6. I love your Scouts! That first fabric is particularly lovely & they both look so neat! I’ve got 2 scouts so far & have just retraced the oattern, regraded for my changes post-pregnancy figure, and can’t wait to get my next one made. You can never have too many scouts!

  7. Ah ha! I’ve been doing a lot of cutting up old unworn dresses recently too! I love the prints you have for these t shirts and I would be wearing them constantly too!

  8. You know I love those dancing ladies! I’m so happy that you managed to save your fabric and make up a scout. It really is the perfect pattern to showcase amazing fabric.

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