Uniform (Ginger jeans)

It’s been a long time since my last blog post. I’ve been sewing, that’s for sure, but for whatever reason I just haven’t felt compelled to write about it. So, I have a backlog of projects to share with you.


Here are my two latest makes, a Scout tee and…. Jeans!

I made these, my first and only attempt so far, from a black stretch denim that I ordered from Girl Charlee while I was on holiday in the US. They are the high rise, skinny leg version, a shape that I am rather fond of in RTW jeans, so it felt like the obvious choice. 


I really took my time with these. I think I cut the fabric about a week ago, and over the past seven days have methodically basted, fitted, unpicked and re-sewn until I reached the point where I felt reasonably satisfied. For sure, they are not without fault, but I’m pretty happy for my first go.

Adjustment wise, I made a few small changes:

  • Took a wedge out of the waistband and yoke CB for my sway back
  • Shaved a good 6mm from the hips
  • Removed about the same from the upper inseam
  • Lowered the crotch about 1cm
  • Straightened the front crotch curve

I had really been dreading any crotch fitting issues that I might encounter, but ultimately it was reasonably easy to figure out which adjustments I needed using Heather’s great sewalong. Despite shortening the back inseam by a little bit and easing it to the front (this was suggested in order to help minimise back leg wrinkling), I still have several big wrinkles on the back thigh that are bothering me. As was pointed out in the sewalong, you’ll always have one or two or else there won’t be any sitting ease, but I wonder if there’s another way I could minimise them further? If you have any ideas then let me know.

The back pockets sit a bit low on me so I’ll raise those a couple of cm on my next pair. 

And another pair, there will be! 

The thing is, I used to be such a dress girl. These days, I much prefer jeans and a nice top, especially for work. We don’t have a dress code for rehearsals, so anything goes really, and although some days I have a distinct idea of what I want to wear, most days I would prefer to not have to think too much about it. My aim now is to build up a wardrobe of interesting basics that I can easily mix and match. 

Dress + double bass = not gonna work (unless the skirt portion is very generous in width). Jeans + double bass = yes. Mind blown.

So now I’ve got the jeans part covered. Enter the Scout Tee:


Why have I never made this magical pattern before? It’s such a good workhorse and I love it. I’ve made four already. This one is made from a luscious wool and silk blend that I scored from the remnant bin at The Fabric Store. It is gorgeous and I love it. Unfortunately, and despite my best efforts, I somehow managed to cut it off grain. This oversight irritates me no end, but oddly enough this imperfection has led me to feel less precious about it and will probably mean that I’ll wear it more. Strange but true.

Now I’m planning all kinds of variations on the Scout. For the next one I’m thinking hem ruffle.

Have you made either of these patterns? Do you have any cool ideas for Scout tee variations?



  1. Your Gingers look so good! I’m still tip toeing around mine, I’m a bit intimidated by the pattern. And your Scout is gorgeous! The longer sleeves are really cool. I might be unoriginal and copy you, I’ve been stroking that same bolt of fabric every time I go into The Fabric Store…

    1. Thanks Kirsten! Copy away, just don’t cut it off grain like I did… Grr! Also don’t be afraid of the gingers, they really aren’t that hard. My 35 yr old Bernina trooped through the belt loops and button hole no prob so you’ll be fine.

      1. I’m with Kirsten and totally going to copy this sleeve length! Gorgeous fabric too! I’ve only recently made a scout. Too boring to blog, but I love simple patterns like this. Congrats on sling your jeans x

  2. Your Gingers look awesome! Glad you can wear them to rehearsals, sounds tedious to find something that isn’t pants to play the bass! And your scout looks really nice! The drape and print of your fabric really elevate the pattern, looks very polished! How much did you lengthen the sleeves? The elbow length looks just perfect.
    I have sewn the scout as well, on is an unblogged wearable muslin that has disappeared I think and the other is the pleated, sleeveless one with the blue spots I think I posted on Instagram. Just omitted the sleeves, shaved a bit off the shoulders and added pleats similar to the Salme pleated tee pattern! I’d love a version with longer sleeves just like yours plus maybe one from light linen, slightly longer and cuffed sleeves, similar to Jen’s Madewell tee tutorial. What are your next sewing plans?

    1. Thanks KBoh! I can’t remember how much I lengthened them, but I used Jen’s tutorial. I think just past elbow length and then I used a one inch hem. I desperately need black concert clothes so that’s up next, or else Sew Bossy! How about you?

  3. Great looking pair of Gingers! … isn’t it nice to just be able to make your own jeans 😀 Love the scout also, fabric print and the longer sleeve – why have I never tryed the scout ?-)

    1. Thanks Sasha! The Scout is such a simple pattern, and I think that’s why I had never tried it before, but it’s so excellently drafted and a really wonderful shape with so many options for customisation. My attempts at self drafting a woven tee pattern never came out this well, so I am converted.

  4. Your jeans look great! I’m reasonably confident sewing skirts, dresses, and tops, and now I really need to figure out trousers – much more practical for cello-playing purposes too. And I’m with you on not wanting to think about what to wear every day, but I guess that means putting some careful thought in at the sewing stage…

    1. Isn’t it annoying to play such a wardrobe-limiting instrument like cello or bass? About half my wardrobe is too impractical for bass playing. My focus now is things that will mix and match, so my fabric choices are probably getting a little less crazy. Less interesting to blog about but much easier to wear!

  5. Your jeans look amazing! I’ve been seeing so many brilliant pairs recently, I may have to buy this pattern. I love the scout tee as well. I’ve not made any alterations to the pattern so far but I do like your longer sleeved version.

  6. They look fantastic – such a good outcome for a first attempt! I’ve never made the Scout, don’t know why…. At this stage have enough woven tops in my wardrobe but wish I’d found it 2 years ago! My favourite scout variation was a split back overlapping hem…. Can’t remember which blog it was, a girl who sometimes blogs for Britex I think…..

  7. I love the tee! And all the Gingers I have seen from the sewing community is making me long to make a pair! They really do for you quite fantastically!

  8. Hurray! I am so happy you found me because I have now found you & have all these fantastic posts to read! I love these jeans and top together! It looks like the ultimate comfortable outfit but still very classy! Perfect! I’m off to catch up with all your posts now…!

  9. Your Ginger jeans look great. I have yet to try this pattern. I have made quite a few Scouts. I love that pattern! Yours is looking great with the longer sleeves. I made mine just past the elbow but now that I see yours, I may shorten mine a bit! Hope we get to see more of your Scouts!

  10. Looking good girl! I think you could probably also shorten that back pocket – may be a little long on you in general but it’s tough to say without seeing a full on butt shot with the yoke as well. As for the back wrinkles, there are some adjustments I’ve seen where you can pinch out the excess under the thigh, smooth out the curve and transfer the length to the ankle. Maybe that would help? Personally don’t think its a big deal but you may want to try it for your next go around.

    1. Thank you, Heather! Good suggestions for next time, I’ll definitely give them a go. By the way, thanks for drafting such a great pattern! Definitely a multi-make, this one!

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