A fluffy number

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that wherever you were, it was a good one!

I’ve been reading everyone’s year-end posts with admiration, and it’s got me thinking about the way that I sew. In general I’m always looking ahead, to the next fabric or pattern. The second I complete a project I’m immediately thinking about the one to come. As a result I don’t often reflect on what I’ve made, other than to be pleased that there are clothes in the cupboard! I’m sure a round-up of sorts would be useful, to take stock of what I’ve made, and to determine what worked and what didn’t. But… I’m too impatient to tell you about the last thing I sewed, so there you have it. Maybe next year.

Bellbird/vogue 8805

This fluffly, wooly number is a rendition of Vogue 8805, in 100% wool boucle. As usual the fabric came first, and the pattern followed. I found this satisfyingly loopy stuff at The Fabric Store, my usual haunt. To be honest this fabric felt quite far out of my comfort zone, and I wasn’t sure what I’d make with it at first. I think it worked pretty well for this tunic dress though.

Bellbird/vogue 8805What drew me to this pattern in the first place were the oversized dolman style sleeves and all-in-one sleeve and yoke, and I quite like the way that the thickness of the boucle helps to exaggerate the shape. When I wear it, it feels akin to a dress-shaped blanket.

Bellbird/vogue 8805

Like lots of wool, this fabric is a bit scratchy on the skin, so I underlined the whole thing with silk cotton. For the neckline facing I used a scrap of Liberty, and top-stitched it down to the dress, including around the back neck opening. I had to extend the facing to accommodate this, as the pattern just instructs you to fold and stitch, but I like the clean look of a full facing. To eliminate further scratchyness I drafted facings for the dress and sleeve hems, too.

Bellbird/vogue 8805

Overall this is a really comfy and cozy dress that will get lots of wear! I’m looking forward to making it up in a linen for summer. Til next time!




    1. Thanks Morgan, me neither! Forgot to mention that I would never have bought this without the encoragement of the fashionably adventurous store employee!

  1. This is really great; I love the texture of the wool and the thought you put into the insides. I’m a big fan of a roomy, cropped sleeve in bulky fabric but have only worn coats/outerwear like that- it’s sooo good on a dress!

  2. Very chic. I love the top stitching of the facing around the back neck. I think facings are very underrated actually….. I’m pretty sure I have this pattern in my stash – I was planning on making it as a top in silk…. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Love the texture of the fabric too! and I love your willingness to get out of your comfort zone and experiment … the result is quite interesting!

    1. Thank you Sasha! Actually, I was encouraged to use this fabric by the a girl working at the store, I would never have bought it otherwise. I have her to thank for pushing me out of my comfort zone. Glad it worked out this time!

  4. 8805, the pattern that keeps on giving – I really like what you’ve done with the facing/topstitching, and the fluffy fabric. I’ve made this dress in summer and winter, and love them all, can’t wait to see you linen version.

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