Spring jacket


I’m back today with a springy jacket that I made quite a while ago. It is the Victoria blazer pattern from By Hand London.

Victoria blazer

When I constructed this jacket I decided to get a bit ambitious, fully interfacing both the front and the back. I was in a ‘learning new skills’ phase, and although  this probably wasn’t quite the right pattern for tailoring techniques due to the casual style, I’m glad that I put in the effort as I did learn one or two things! One of the things that I learned is that I’m not really that into shoulder pads. This jacket had them, and I never wore it. It made me feel like a football player. My shoulders are on the square side as it is, so the addition of shoulder pads to this already cropped and boxy jacket resulted in a garment that was not doing me any favours.

Victoria side - bellbird

It took me about a year but the other day I finally got around to removing the offending articles. I am so much happier with the jacket now! It is the perfect weight for a beautiful spring day like the one we had here last Sunday. I took these photos under a grove of magnolias down the road from me, aren’t they beautiful?

Magnolia and palm - Bellbird

But back to the jacket. I made this from a slubby grey linen-cotton blend, and fully lined it in a slippery silk. This was my first time sewing such a slinky fabric, and although I can’t report enjoying the experience, I’m pretty happy with how it came out. I drafted the lining so that it has some wearing ease in the CB and at the sleeve and jacket hem edges. It makes putting this on and taking it off a breeze! I also made a top out of the lining fabric in a slightly different colour way, so it is possible for me to wear a matching lining/top combo. I wonder if that counts as a two-piece? You’ll just have to imagine it as in these pics I’m wearing it with one of my Alders. Lining pic ahoy:

Victoria lining - Bellbird

I like wearing this blazer with a beautiful brooch that Ben gave me for my birthday. I think he got it from this Etsy store No Milk Today. Can you believe this is made out of Fimo? It’s supposed to look like a yeti.

Victoria lapel - bellbird

I am excited by how much more I like this jacket now that the shoulder pads are gone. To be honest it probably didn’t look that bad before but I had a sort of mental block that stopped me from wearing it. I have one or two more hand made things in my wardrobe that need slight alterations before I’ll feel good in them, and I’ll get to them eventually, slowly but surely.

Do you have me-mades that could use some attention?

Victoria blazer - Bellbird




  1. Looks great! I agree about shoulder pads, I’ve never found them flattering. I love your Alder too, your fabric is awesome! I have a few me-made garments which need the zips re-sewn in, I’m trying to get up the courage to have another crack at them…

    1. Thanks! The Alder is made from a Liberty print, I have a slight obsession. You should definitely do your zips, I know I’m so much more likely to wear a garment if I’m pleased with the whole thing. I know it can be hard to muster enthusiasm for such tasks though!

  2. AAAH! Love it! You look great in this! And the brooch is a perfect fit for that linen!
    And guess what pattern I have been eyeing for months!? (I already have the fabric!) I’m starting to think we’re some kind of sewing mind twins that somehow got thrown onto different continents!

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