Turia Dungarees

Back to regular programming today with no scenic vistas unfortunately! I finished my Turia dungarees as soon as I got back from Christchurch, and although the weather hasn’t allowed for a proper outing yet, I already know I’ll wear them to death this summer.


I was inspired to make these after seeing Kirsty’s gorgeous version a couple of weeks ago. I have a rather long to-sew list and a hefty stash to go with it, but something about the Turia pattern just called out to me. It said ‘make me now in linen!’ and also, ‘your life is not complete without dungarees’. Being the attentive person that I am, I listened and immediately hurried to The Fabric Store where I picked up this lovely soft black linen, along with some other things, because, well, they were having a sale, and I am weak. Anyway! I’m so glad that I did, because I can see many more overalls ahead of me.

IMG_1394In terms of construction, I didn’t make a toile, relying instead on the finished measurements provided with the pattern. I made a few changes along the way, but not drastic ones: I doubled up the bib pieces so that it has a bit more heft; chose to interface the strap pieces; interfaced the pocket openings; and only included one invisible zip, not two, as I figured I could get away with just one after Kirsty commented that she only needed one to get in and out of hers. I also enlarged the front and back pockets a bit, and I made the front pocket opening straight instead of a curve. This was simply because I wanted to enclose my raw edges completely since linen has a tendency to fray. I also put a facing in at the back for the same reason.

IMG_1421My only issue is that the bib piece on mine sort of flares out on the sides a bit, which I think is purely down to the fact that those edges are bias cut. I should have stay-stitched to avoid this but I didn’t, so I think it warped out of shape a wee bit through handling and sewing. Definitely sewer error, not pattern error! This probably would not be a problem in a fabric with a tighter weave. I’m wearing my Turias with my fourth version of the Belcarra blouse (previous versions here), this time in a lovely vintage rayon crepe. For this version I narrowed the neckline a bit and am much happier with it. The rayon crepe has a wonderful weight and is so nice to wear. (Note to self: find more rayon crepe.)

Since making these beauties I’ve become even more besotted with overalls and overall dresses and am currently obsessed with this style from Whistles! I’m all-over it! Get it?????



  1. These are sooo cute on you! I always like the way overalls look on others, but I’m afraid I’d look like a child…or a farmer…or both! Haha, you look great though! I really like the fabric you chose too. They’ll be perfect for the summer!

    1. Thanks Lindsay! I’m sure you wouldn’t look like a child or a farmer! I think it’s all in how you style them, I definitely wouldn’t do braids with these haha!

    1. Yes a pinny skirt would be so good. My one concern with this pattern is the crotch depth, I find it rides a bit high when I try to bend or sit down, purely because it is attached over my shoulders. Do you have that problem? Next time I might increase the back crotch depth a bit, although a skirt version would solve this issue completely.

  2. Oh my GOODNESS these are so cute. Love the whole outfit; linen and rayon are such great warm weather fabrics! I actually bought some black twill to make shortalls, but I think that ship has sailed for me now with fall on its way in here. I’ll just enjoy these vicariously!

    1. Thanks Emily! I tend to make a lot of out-of-season stuff, as I’m always reading northern hemisphere blogs and getting seasonally confused. For example, I won’t be able to wear these dungarees for another couple of months. When the mood strikes, you gotta make what you gotta make!

  3. I love these! I think linen was an inspired choice (as I always do). I swore I would never revisit overalls after my teen years in the 90s, but… you’re making these look pretty danged tempting.

    1. Isn’t linen great? I need more of it in my life. I love how wrinkly and rumpled it gets. Glad I’m helping you come around to overalls, I think there’s a place for them yet!

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