Open skies

This past weekend I flew south to Christchurch to spend a couple of days with my family. We drove to Hanmer Springs, to soak in the hot pools and relax. One of the big reasons I love heading south (besides seeing my family) is the general lack of other people the further down the country you travel. Auckland may not be a particularly big city by international standards but there’s nothing like escaping for a couple of days!


These photos were taken on a sojourn into the Molesworth Station, the largest farm in NZ. I got my dad to take a couple of pics, since I realised I was wearing a home made outfit.


The bottoms are a pair of Papercut Anima pants that I made from some merino wool jersey that I bought at The Fabric Store. These pants are incredibly comfortable and warm and I’m wearing them right at this minute! They are the perfect indoor pants for when you want a step up from pyjamas! The sweater is made from a merino jacquard. I traced the pattern for this from a RTW sweater that I already had. This was really easy by the way, since both the front and back are essentially the same.

I’ll leave you with a few scenery pics. Stay tuned for my Turia dungarees which I’m hoping to finish really soon!









  1. I really love landscapes like this, what mountains! If I ever find myself in your territory a trip south must definitely happen. Your pants are pretty awesome too – I could really use pants that are a step up from pajamas. I can’t imagine the anima pattern working for me, but it does look so good on everyone else!

    1. Oh the Animas are so comfy, I’ve never been a track pant person but these have totally changed my mind. I don’t feel weird putting these on at 4pm whereas I would feel a bit guilty getting into PJs that early! Haha

  2. I love Hanmer Springs, it is a lovely part of the country. I often use it as a day escape from the city. I must try that pants pattern. The merino version looks so cosy for a trip to the alpine regions.

  3. Wow, great is you make stuff like that instead of paying a fortune for it and not even being sure if it fitted properly. They would definitely be my go-to clothes a lot of the time. The merino sews up really well. I love those huge skies!

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