Zig zag dot!

Great big purple dots! With zig zags! Need I say more?

Grainline Alder 1

I found this incredible cotton at Britex during our holiday in San Francisco last year. I was in a bit of a stash building phase and this fabric jumped right out at me. Despite having no immediate plans for it, I had to have it and I’m so glad I did!

Grainline Alder 2

This is my second iteration of the Grainline Alder Shirtdress, this time in view B. I really love the gathered skirt, the extra volume gets a big thumbs up from me. It’s very practical for my job as an orchestral double bass player, as a nice wide skirt is essential unless I want to flash my colleagues. (I don’t!)

Grainline Alder side

Again I sewed this up in a straight size 2, although I did raise the bust darts and the pockets by about an inch to fit me better. I could probably raise them even more, but then I’d have to do some actual figuring out of pattern pieces when really I’d just rather be sewing, so I think I’ll leave them as is as the fit is pretty close to perfect.


I didn’t bother with any pattern matching as the print didn’t seem to have much rhyme or reason, and I like the way that the purple spots have been chopped up anyway. The dot placement on both ends of the collar was a happy accident! 


As any normal person would, I had about two seconds of doubt about the wearability of this print, but I didn’t feel like a crazy person wearing it out and about so I’d call that a win. Because it’s still a bit cold here I wore it with my favourite cardigan (thanks Mum!) and some tights.

Alder dress cardigan

I’m very happy with my new dress!



  1. I love the fabric! You were wise to get it. A non-sewing friend was with me the other day in the shop when I pondered about buying some fabric. She asked what I will use it for. I had no idea. That’s not how a fabric-holic shops!

    Love your Alder dress. I saw that Jen is starting a sewalong! I like your version with the swingy skirt. Looks great on you!

    I will have to break down and get the pattern now!

    1. Thank you Lindsay! Yep this beach is pretty nice! Austin is pretty cool too though, we used to live in Houston and we visited a bunch. I miss the barbecue!

  2. I’m also jealous of the beach! The dress is so crisp and perfect; what a great pattern. Good on you for keeping up that stash- beautiful fabric is hard to come by.Jealousy all round!

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