Month: August 2014

Turia Dungarees

Back to regular programming today with no scenic vistas unfortunately! I finished my Turia dungarees as soon as I got back from Christchurch, and although the weather hasn’t allowed for a proper outing yet, I already know I’ll wear them to death this summer.


I was inspired to make these after seeing Kirsty’s gorgeous version a couple of weeks ago. I have a rather long to-sew list and a hefty stash to go with it, but something about the Turia pattern just called out to me. It said ‘make me now in linen!’ and also, ‘your life is not complete without dungarees’. Being the attentive person that I am, I listened and immediately hurried to The Fabric Store where I picked up this lovely soft black linen, along with some other things, because, well, they were having a sale, and I am weak. Anyway! I’m so glad that I did, because I can see many more overalls ahead of me.

IMG_1394In terms of construction, I didn’t make a toile, relying instead on the finished measurements provided with the pattern. I made a few changes along the way, but not drastic ones: I doubled up the bib pieces so that it has a bit more heft; chose to interface the strap pieces; interfaced the pocket openings; and only included one invisible zip, not two, as I figured I could get away with just one after Kirsty commented that she only needed one to get in and out of hers. I also enlarged the front and back pockets a bit, and I made the front pocket opening straight instead of a curve. This was simply because I wanted to enclose my raw edges completely since linen has a tendency to fray. I also put a facing in at the back for the same reason.

IMG_1421My only issue is that the bib piece on mine sort of flares out on the sides a bit, which I think is purely down to the fact that those edges are bias cut. I should have stay-stitched to avoid this but I didn’t, so I think it warped out of shape a wee bit through handling and sewing. Definitely sewer error, not pattern error! This probably would not be a problem in a fabric with a tighter weave. I’m wearing my Turias with my fourth version of the Belcarra blouse (previous versions here), this time in a lovely vintage rayon crepe. For this version I narrowed the neckline a bit and am much happier with it. The rayon crepe has a wonderful weight and is so nice to wear. (Note to self: find more rayon crepe.)

Since making these beauties I’ve become even more besotted with overalls and overall dresses and am currently obsessed with this style from Whistles! I’m all-over it! Get it?????

Open skies

This past weekend I flew south to Christchurch to spend a couple of days with my family. We drove to Hanmer Springs, to soak in the hot pools and relax. One of the big reasons I love heading south (besides seeing my family) is the general lack of other people the further down the country you travel. Auckland may not be a particularly big city by international standards but there’s nothing like escaping for a couple of days!


These photos were taken on a sojourn into the Molesworth Station, the largest farm in NZ. I got my dad to take a couple of pics, since I realised I was wearing a home made outfit.


The bottoms are a pair of Papercut Anima pants that I made from some merino wool jersey that I bought at The Fabric Store. These pants are incredibly comfortable and warm and I’m wearing them right at this minute! They are the perfect indoor pants for when you want a step up from pyjamas! The sweater is made from a merino jacquard. I traced the pattern for this from a RTW sweater that I already had. This was really easy by the way, since both the front and back are essentially the same.

I’ll leave you with a few scenery pics. Stay tuned for my Turia¬†dungarees which I’m hoping to finish really soon!







Zig zag dot!

Great big purple dots! With zig zags! Need I say more?

Grainline Alder 1

I found this incredible cotton at Britex¬†during our holiday in San Francisco last year. I was in a bit of a stash building phase and this fabric jumped right out at me. Despite having no immediate plans for it, I had to have it and I’m so glad I did!

Grainline Alder 2

This is my second iteration of the Grainline Alder Shirtdress, this time in view B. I really love the gathered skirt, the extra volume gets a big thumbs up from me. It’s very practical for my job as an orchestral double bass player, as a nice wide skirt is essential unless I want to flash my colleagues. (I don’t!)

Grainline Alder side

Again I sewed this up in a straight size 2, although I did raise the bust darts and the pockets by about an inch to fit me better. I could probably raise them even more, but then I’d have to do some actual figuring out of pattern pieces when really I’d just rather be sewing, so I think I’ll leave them as is as the fit is pretty close to perfect.


I didn’t bother with any pattern matching as the print didn’t seem to have much rhyme or reason, and I like the way that the purple spots have been chopped up anyway. The dot placement on both ends of the collar was a happy accident!¬†


As any normal person would, I had about two seconds of doubt about the wearability of this print, but I didn’t feel like a crazy person wearing it out and about so I’d call that a win. Because it’s still a bit cold here I wore it with my favourite cardigan (thanks Mum!) and some tights.

Alder dress cardigan

I’m very happy with my new dress!