I knitted my first jersey! This is the Strokkur pattern by Ysolda Teague.


I had so much fun knitting this. I am fairly new to knitting, having only knitted a very simple hat and half of a cardigan (currently lingering in the unfinished object zone), so I’ll admit that it was a slightly ambitious project to take on. The educational potential of YouTube is unlimited though, so with the help of numerous videos I had no trouble knitting this up.

Throughout all my years of sewing, knitting always seemed kind of slow and a bit boring. However there is a lot to be said for it, I am discovering! For one thing, it is so portable! You can take it anywhere. Planes, trains, your couch while watching TV. Also, the slow pace allows for plenty of learning on the job. There is no potential for ruinous foot pedal acceleration or overlocker mishap in knitting! Plus, wool is just so beautiful.


The wool recommended for this pattern is Lett Lopi, an Icelandic yarn. It turns out that Icelandic sheep are pretty special! For centuries there has been only one breed of sheep on the island, and over time it has evolved under exposure to the sub-arctic climate. The Icelandic sheep have a tough water repellent outer layer of wool with a softer insulating layer underneath. As you can see in the photo above, the wool has lots of hairy bits, for want of a better description! It does feel a bit scratchy to wear, however it doesn’t bother me, and with a light top on underneath I don’t notice it at all. It will certainly be cozy this winter.

I had a great deal of trouble choosing colours for this project. I ordered the wool online (here), so it was impossible to judge the true nature of the colours, especially my main colour. I didn’t want a black sweater, more of a natural brown one, and to my delight the colour I chose (black sheep heather) is an un-dyed brownish black. I think it looks great with the high contrast yoke!


I definitely want to make another one of these. Next time I think I’ll take inspiration from Jaime’s gorgeous version and use rust colours. Check out my Ravelry notes here for technical deets!


  1. I highly recommend looking at the google image results for “Icelandic Sheep”. Those things are awesome!! And the lambs are pretty cute too.

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