Autumnal Archer

A couple of weeks ago I completed this rather autumnal Archer and it has been in high rotation ever since! This is my third version of this pattern and I think that it’s my favourite. I am a recent fan of the colour green and I think that this fabric has something to do with it.

Grainline archer

I purchased this lovely floral cotton lawn at the Fabric Store here in Auckland when on a trip to help a friend choose fabric for her project. Unfortunately, as always, I ended up buying fabric too… the stash is bursting and I feel quite stressed about the sheer number of things I want to make! Does anyone else have this problem?! I often feel paralyzed by all the ideas I have floating around, to the point that I don’t sew anything at all. I guess it could be worse!

But back to the shirt. I was in Christchurch last weekend visiting my family, and my Mum took these photos on an amble through the botanic gardens.

Grainline Archer

I didn’t make any alterations to the pattern as I really like the relaxed fit. As you can see this one is looking rather wrinkly, which is because of how many wears it has been getting. It’s great for work as well as the weekend and pretty much any other time you can think of. Aside from the versatility of this excellent pattern, my favourite thing is how much I learned making my Archers. I’ve been avoiding detail oriented sewing for years due to an irrational fear of visible mess-ups, for example imperfect topstitching or an uneven collar. This pattern however has the most amazing instructions, including Jen’s fantastic online tutorial. I have conquered so many fears in the making of these shirts it’s not even funny!

Here is a close-up shot where you can really see the fabric print and some cuff deets.

Archer cuff detail

I can’t wait to see what other patterns Grainline has in store for us. I am a serious fan.




  1. Looks awesome! I love the green fabric! I’ve got about 3 Archers planned right now. I made a muslin and found out what I already knew: I have wide shoulders. So, I’m trying to learn how to fix the pattern. But, I a wee bit scared I won’t do it right. Good thing I have lots of muslin and cheap fabric!

    1. Hmmm if I were you I would turn to mr google. Or you could add some extra width to the yoke CB but then you’d have to adjust all of the collar bits and the back too… I’ve done a pattern making class but somehow I still don’t really know how to fit things properly. Good luck!!

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